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V1.01 (22 Feb 2006)
in Software | Wednesday, February 22, 2006 | 22:48

Update: FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

Bug Fix: The installer redirected FloatLED's directory into documents and settings, saving a ini file in the current user directory. Added code to retrieve the actual program directory instead.

Added: Save INI is done when user clicks on LOCK or UNLOCK window pos.

Added: Menu choice for saving position. Exit will also save current settings.
Note: Due To the user possibility or OS shutting down FloatLED by "End Process" will cause a loss of configuration done by user. This is now workaround by saving INI every time something is changed via the menu by user.

Added: Menu choice to enable minimize to tray with tray icon. When de-minimizing is done, the tray icon is removed.

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Click to open zipV1.01 (.ZIP 284KB)

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