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V1.0 (23 April 2011)
in Software | Saturday, April 23, 2011 | 15:47

Initial Release: AmigaGuide Windows Viewer (AGWViewer)

Replaced xpkGZIP.library so unpacking seems to work good now, v0.99 would be stuck in a crazy endless crazy loop generating bad filenames. No danger.

Small redesign of top button strip so all of them show on a 800x600 resolution too.

Added some support for V40 AmigaGuide tags (ergo, will just ignore, fallback mode to v39 look).

v0.99beta - April 2011:
Even more filtering and bugtesting performed, several hours of detailed surveilance.

Added History window to menu.

Added Automatic INDEX creator of all buttons (overrides any embedded INDEX the original author did, seldom never did, and mine's more trustable and complete!).

Added XPK unpacking support via transparent loading of .adf image into a known winuae config that the user gives us, then loads up the winuae!.

Beta Release Version!

v0.98 - February 2011:
Added Powerpacker unpacking support, works fully transparent.

Added title support on viewer window, follows the @TITLE tag or create own automatically!

Squeezed a lot of scanning bugs and workarounds for cranky written .guides = a debug mess insanity for days.

v0.97 - February 2011:
Added search And browse functions.

v0.96 - February 2011:
Added more scanning functions To remove bad chars, bad output, bad amigaguide files etc.

v0.90 November 2010:
Finally a useable internal working version at a beta stage at least.

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