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V1.02 (24 Jan 2009)
in Software | Saturday, January 24, 2009 | 22:51

Update: FloatLED by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

Major update.

Features added to FloatLED based on forum posts and email inputs from worldwide users along With my own ideas and bug fi xes...although only one bug since v1.01 :) Actually v1.02 was half done during July 2007 and have been in testing up till January 2009.

Update: v1.01 to v1.02 was done during 3 days (ca. 12 hours of coding)

Update: Recompiled and change source where needed for complying with Pure Basic v4.20 engine.

Update: Replaced "ReadMe.txt" with RTF fi le instead: "Readme_v1.02.rtf" with more documentation!

Update: Cleaned up the menu design. Added Menu Bars to better group functions of FloatLED visually.

Bug Fix: Window position could be reset to 0,0 sometimes. Fixed now.

Change: Completely rewrote the automatic HARD DISK Detection and visibility of the drive icons. In previous versions of FloatLED, ONLY drives detected in the system was shown as drive icons. The rest was always hidden from view.

This has now changed to the following: All 24 drive icons are by default shown. This can be configured by user. If a drive is detected a small colored square (same color as used on the drive letter and line separator color, which follows user choices if changed) will appear in the drive icon's top right area indicating it is active in the OS. No square means the disk is not detected by the OS. This new approach of showing ALL drive icons even it it's not detected will let the user decide what drive icons to show regardless.

It allows the user to have more freedom to have a "known" hard disk like an USB drive visible at all times, if it's being plugged in and out a lot. Prevents automatic resizing of the FloatLED window. FloatLED will check for new drives each xx sec (set in the INI fi le to 10 sec by default). You may edit it yourselves by editing the entry "HDD Detect Interval" in the FloatLED.ini. The value should be set in seconds. Min value is 10 sec and Max value is 10000 sec (166.66666 minutes)

Change: If FloatLED was already running nothing happens i.e. prevents multiple instances of it. On previous versions a nagging requester came up, but I seen no point in that anymore.

Added: A minimalistic RIGHT adjusted minimize button for those who are lazy to not go through the menu to minimize FloatLED to tray. This was added as an option to the menu. Either show or hide it. Default is hide as I never have the need to minimize FloatLED, but users requested it.

Added: "Set WindowOnTop" menu choice if FloatLED had previously lost its on top status. (Adobe Premiere Pro 2/Adobe Audition 2 for instance)

Added: Disable FloatLED's WindowOnTop menu item added.

Added: Colors can now be set in own palette requester for Read, Write LEDS, background and font + separator line color. Colors saved in INI As Hex Values
Added 3 different sizes of icons now possible. Small, medium and large. Font will scale accordingly. Font is always Arial for the drive icons. Choosing other fonts can cause unpredicted results and Was not implemented due to lack of bug/font/time testing issues. Arial is such a good all around solid font anyway, won't you say?

Added: Double clicking on a drive icon will open it using the OS function i.e "explorer.exe ?:\" where ? is the drive letter.

Added: Window Transparency function. Affects the entire window and icons.
One can use the mouse wheel within the FloatLED window area to adjust it real time! Option also added to menu for those who do not have a mouse wheel around :) Note: This is only applicable For Window 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and probably Windows x (future).

Ignored: "Hovering over the drive icons will show a tooltip of its drive name, free space & used space etc." Decided not to include this, as it has to be updated by regular intervals causing "banging" on the OS function GetDiskFreeSpaceEx_, GetLogicalDriveStrings_ functions etc. After all FloatLED is an HD Activity software and NOT any system hardware information system. True to my belief of "bloating" software is a decease of many programs today, which FloatLED and its creator takes very seriously ;-)

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Click to open zipV1.02 (.ZIP 393KB)

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