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Introduction FloatPDF
in Software | Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 08:42

by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

A project started on in 2011, but delayed due to other projects. I can confirm that since after summer 2015 this project has been given focus and coding dedication.

FloatPDF is intended for viewing magazines/books (i.e. any pdf) in a touchscreen based environment simulating multi-touch without multi-touch with screen rotated into portrait mode :-).

But it can also be used with regular mouse, single button control only.

In touch screen mode, only one finger is needed :-) and its smooth and fast by using DirectX, not only that but it is also a nice converter from PDF to TIF/JPG in the same process.

Not to mention the simplicity of it all. Not sure if such a viewer exists already out there, but if it doesI'm sure its like shit :-)

More information, features and screenshots for this unique new way of viewing PDF's are coming.

I'm targeting for an early year 2016 release, all free, clean install and NO BULLSHIT as always from Stone Oakvalley Studios - One crazy multi talent!

Straight from the "About" within FloatPDF software:

FloatPDF is an optimized PDF based viewer, which in simple terms takes away the unnecessary weight, load and concept from ordinary PDF viewers, such as; acrobat Reader, Sumatra, FoxIt and all the others and goes back to the simple logic: CONTENT IS ALL - SKIP THE REST.

After all, PDF's are primarly for reading 'books' in an convenient electronic screen environment, if that being text novels to user manuals or magazines.

Problem is: They figured out 'we can do so much more than a book or paper, so why we don't fill it with other useless/useful crap and bloat/slow down the entire user experience in the same process' I'm fed up !

So, I took away all the clutter of ordinary PDF readers and stripped it down to viewing, reading and speed it all up while you are doing so. The result is that each page of the PDF is converted into a full image, some automatic text extraction and boil it down to; page back/forward, search function, thumbnails and leave everything else out to die/dry.

I will let the user focus on reading whatever PDF they want instead of nag requesters, lots of form shit and whatever crap they useally put into their stinking non-focused software :-)

FloatPDF started its life back in 2011, in which time I started to download thousands of scanned magazines that were specifically Commodore Computers oriented. Basically I wanted an IPAD to do the reading job for me, but it showed some weird pixel effects while loading, and was sluggish to pageflip. The IPAD is a flawed and undersized device that does not do well in reading typical full-size A4 or US LETTER format in 1:1 size, just because the physical screen size is too small. Many years later, the SAMSUNG GALAXY 12.3 inch Tablet appeared that can show a full-size 1:1 A4 page as-is, but, then again, who spends money to buy expensive toys, when you can build it yourselves

FloatPDF was intentionally an idea that would only serve my own invention that consisted of a Windows Based mini-size computer pasted on the back of a 12 or 14/15 inch TFT/LCD screen with Single Touch support to navigate & zoom/pinch.

Naturally, during programming I only had a mouse to test my software with, and realized that the software could be used with a regular mouse too as well. Time passes a few years, and during 2015-2016, I finalized everything that once was planned, and added a number of nice-to-have features without clutter it up again. The result was a PORTRAIT PDF viewer with simple GUI and controls, that works like a Multi-Touch screen but with a single point logic, mouse or finger.

The PORTRAIT mode is simple, it detects your desktop resolution and will use its width as height, and height as width. Therefore, FloatPDF will work as intended if you rotate your screen 90 degree clockwise, start FloatPDF, rotate display physically to fit in hands as a typical tablet device and start reading.

Naturally, it means you have to strip apart your own LCD display and build your own tablet device, by embedding a small Windows based computer on the back, re-wire and attach a single touch screen, box it all up, remove keyboard and mouse. Leave openings for reset/power buttons, power cable & usb-port.

You don't really need Wi-Fi or network, as all the PDF files you want to read on your own tablet device will be handled by an USB stick naturally :-).

About now, you will realize that FloatPDF was created to serve such a nerdy, DIY, hard-core purpose, and I have yet do hardware-design/built such an device to show the full potentional of how genious FloatPDF can become !

For now, enjoy at least FloatPDF in its pure software form. When time permits my webpage would eventually show such an homebuilt device in action, running FloatPDF as I originally intended for my own pleasure. It just happend that other people were interrested to see an DirectX/SpriteTexture optimized version version for reading PDF files - as until now; did not/does not exist !

That would about sum it up for why FloatPDF was released for FREE out to the public, in case somebody would find FloatPDF suitable with even just a portrait screen, mouse navigating, single clicks and keyboard as a normal software would behave and operate.

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