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V1.0 (25 Nov 2011)
in Software | Friday, November 25, 2011 | 18:55

Initial Release: Download When Available (DWA) by Stone Oakvalley Studios.

A small clever program to check when a possible offline file is available for download again within predefined intervals, and you don't have the time or brain cells available to remember to check manually.

Another great software from Stone Oakvalley Studios, the guy who hates childish, bloated, overloaded, skinned design, airy and fancy modern GUI design typically inspired by Apple or by themselves, along bringing back the term 'FREEWARE' into its rightfull place!

I made this little software to show off my skills in good design, good concept, usefullness and simplicity without the classic belief 'its better to remove than to add' which is a term invented by lost and completely non-complicated morons.

But seriously, I really made this software because I wanted such a tool, but was too lazy to try and Google for it, not to mention the horror of seeing other developers sometimes dreadful concepts of a software meant to do just one simple thing.

Not only all of that above, but this software is portable and works all the way from Windows95 tooso eat that new-age developers, I say no more.

This software was coded in about 8 hours during 2 days, so naturally there might be some unknown hickups, but it seems stable enough.

Use your PayPal to show your appreciation for this fine looking free software. Any amount is highly appreciated!

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Click to open zipPortable V1.0 (32KB .ZIP KB)

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