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V1.3 (27 Nov 2014)
in Software | Friday, November 28, 2014 | 00:11

Update: AmigaGuide Windows Viewer (AGWViewer)

- Hard to believe, years pass by quickly. Been busy with other projects (namely SOTDS Project), getting married, having a babygirl (now 2 years old) + fixing the house and 1000 of other things.

- Fixed bug for \@ and \\ to come out as @ and \ instead. Ref: http://eab.abime.net/showthread.php?t=58754

- Increased some error buffers, probably causing some guide to crash AGWViewer.

- Found buggy code related to probably changes in Windows API GUI, cause v1.2 to crash everytime. Fixed now.

- Fixed (probably) some garbled output if FTP:// and HTTP:// was detected. Unknown, but might work.

- Removed some old now unsupported code due to updated PureBasic Compiler, now compiled with PB5.31

- Due to new compiler, I have no time to test if AGWV does the job as it did back in 2011.

- Remove forced static CSS code from my code, and exported now into "guide.css", tweak as you like.

- Due to new "guide.css", this file will be copied into "_HTML" directory naturally, where all .HTML files will link to that one instead.

- Tested on Win7 64bit, IE11, Firefox 33.1.1

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Click to open zipInstaller V1.3 (443KB .ZIP)

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