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New project added in Nostalgia!
in Nostalgia | Thursday, May 19, 2016 | 00:38

This time around; a SCSI Hard Disk controller for the Amiga 500 computers called "Grand Slam" from Interactive Video Systems (IVS).

This hardware has bugged my mind since the early 90's, so I thought its time to really investigate into this Amiga Hardware and figure out what went wrong with it and attempt to re-activate a irritating memory from my childhood - and restore it to happy memories to last forever.

This hardware worked fine for 1 week in early 90's until it showed an unexpected behaviour still unknown to this date. I eventually gave it up and bought an Amiga 1200 (or some other harddrive controller first, can't really remember yet) and left it for dead scrap metal all the way until 2009.

In 2009 I started slowly investigating into the hardware and managed to make it work again, all thanks for a number of different Amiga 500 machines, but most importantly because of internet and a lots of Google searches.

Eventually, after some weeks in 2009 it started to misbehave again, so I left it for dead once again, as I was really busy with my recording projects for Commodore music on C64 and Amiga 500 at that time.

Time flies, and during May 2016, I set my foot down and investigated some more, and voila!, I managed to make it work properly, format drives and even install Workbench 1.3 and 2.1 - both booting fine.

But, it seems I have lost the User Manual for it, so I started searching around my huge archive of PDF magazines (4500+ in total) and found reviews, advertisements and other interresting pictures and text, along with various Internet links so I could manage to know everything (almost) about this more or less rare item of today.

Come to think of it, if they started their product range in 1986, we're counting back at least 30 years - whoah, nothing is NEVER too late, don't forget that!

Check out my project dashboard where all the goodies you could ever imagine could ever exist for this hardware are presented during May/June/July 2016!


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