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FloatPDF v1.0 released!
in Software | Sunday, January 10, 2016 | 16:49

Since August 2015 I have been coding steadily to finally release this magnificent piece of alternative PDF viewer/reader that focuses on CONTENT IS ALL with DirectX / SpriteTextures to view pages rather than the old, laggy, compilcated way that all the other PDF viewers do.

Download link is available at bottom of page, together with more insight into why it was created and why it exists.

This specific page serves only as an V1.0 release intro page with in-depth functionalities, overview and operation of the software with screenshots.

Future releases will contain changes in the ReadMe text file and the post online. No screenshots or information will be added to this page.

For future updates visit: 0004_00_dashboard_index.php

Startup screen with mouse pointer shown.

HoverClick with finger or move mouse to top to reveal menu.

When loading a file for the first time: Shows the PDF to PNG to JPG page-by-page conversion progress bar at the bottom.

If you click on top menu "Info" some technical details about the PDF file is shown.

HoverClick finger or move mouse to right of viewport, reveals the NEXT PAGE button.

HoverClick finger or move mouse to right of viewport, reveals the PREVIOUS PAGE button.

While the conversion is working in the background, you can navigate, zoom and use FloatPDF, but if the page you requested is not converted a small message tells you so.

With single click with finger or mouse, the page is moved around in a 2D XY coordinate system, where 0 is in the middle of viewport. Basically a PAN function.

To zoom in on a area of the page, simply click with finger or mouse and hold + move around to either zoom in or out of the registered first-time click location.

Basically this function mimics a Multi-Touch Pinch with two fingers, but if using Single Touch with FloatPDF the result is almost identical.

When all pages of the PDF was converted to JPG images, a thumbnail sheet is autogenerated. Please allow a couple of seconds and the message will disappear.

From this moment, nothing is ever loaded from the PDF anymore, and next time you load the same PDF, it simply ignores the PDF file and uses the converted image cache and data created by FloatPDF instead. Now, you will see the loading time is imminent and the power of FloatPDF is at your hands.

A neat thumbnail sheet is available to more quickly find the page you want visually. Simply hover and click on the thumbnail to load the full page. A pop-up text over the selected thumbnail will indicate the page number.

FloatPDF feature a search function with an OnScreen Virtual Keyboard, supporting Lowercase, Uppercase and ALT-case letters.

The actual words that are searchable are extracted during first-time loading of an actual PDF file. If the PDF file didn't have any OCR performed on it before, naturally no text is available.

You have to OCR the PDF yourselves with Acrobat, re-save the file, delete the FloatPDF generated cache and re-load the file into FloatPDF.

You can also use a regular keyboard to enter your search term.

In v1.0 of FloatPDF a Norwegian Keyboard Layout is default (since I'm Norwegian), however, a sample UK Keyboard Layout is available in the FloatPDF.ini settings file that you can simply activate or edit your own.

All instructions are in the FloatPDF.ini file, located in the same directory where FloatPDF was installed.

If any hits for your search term was found in the PDF's OCR'd extracted text, the hits are shown from where your word first appear, then chopped off after a certain length, with pagenumber.

Now you can simply hover over a search hit and click, to go to that specific page.

If the search hits are larger than what the design of the FloatPDF viewport can allow, the hits are shown in the first line, then a message tells you the rest is available (marked) in the thumbnail sheet.

When hovering or clicking onto the OnScreen Virutal keyboard, the specific key is highlighted. This also happens when you click that button, and the letter is injected into the search input box at top of viewport.

If you press CAPS LOCK or SHIFT the UpperCase layout is shown, in this screenshot, the ALT or ALT GR keyboard is shown, revealing the available letters in that mode.

Basically the keyboard function as a regular keyboard, but CTRL does not have any function, its just for visual reference.

This screenshot shows that a word searched for was found in the marked pages in the thumbnail sheet. It is marked in green pale color with a black circle on it.

If you press "About", a small tv-credits scroll will emerge to read some in-depth rabble and babble, including some rants from me (as always), together with some old-school music from the Amiga 500 in 1993.

Enjoy :-)

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